Vision Screening

At Endtime Message Ministries we partner with Kress Vision Program of New York Downtown Hospital Eye Service, with the aim of providing eye care to those in need.  This program has been a part of our service to the community since 2008, and it caters for underprivileged persons in need of eye heath care.

eyes04Our last program was held on January 21st, 2011 at 4015 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  On that day 41 persons were screened given an ophthalmic exam to determine the state of their eye’s health. On these occasions the right diagnosis is given to each patient so that they can get the right eye glasses and eye care.  Some are referred for free and complete ophthalmic exams and follow-up. At Endtime Message Ministries and Kress Vision our sole purpose is preventing needless vision impairment or blindness.  We believe “that without vision the people perish.”

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